OdaBuild - Action Compiler
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OdaBuild assembles actions/skits from Skitter, Master Studio or AiboPet's Performance Editor into the specially formatted files required by Aibo.   Motions, sounds, LED's are loaded, prepared, sorted, possibly translated across platforms, and written to the output files.  Both Aibnet & Skitter use OdaBuild when asked to upload actions (or initialize a memory stick).

OdaBuild supports the 210, 220, 310 & 7 AIBO platforms.  It can convert motions/LED's created for one into another (sound files are always identical).   This is how DogsLife action's are currently ported.

OdaBuild looks for Aibo Workbooks (*.AIB), Action files (*.ACT), or text based user-action files (*.UAC).  The latter is a simple text format for defining performance skits manually (motion/sound/LED's).

The AIBO files created are:
   MOTION.ODA  (contains motion files).
   AUDIO.ODA   (contains audio/sound files).
   LED.ODA     (contains LED files).
   ACTION.CFG  (list of all user actions).
   ACTION.EXT  (list of platform specific actions).
   ERS-*.MWC   (index of motions, sounds, led's - filename depends on AIBO platform).

Usage (from dos prompt):

ODABUILD  [options]  [210/220/310/7]  actiondir1  [actiondir2 ...]

The command line options are:
-ALL  or  -A
Load all Master Studio action files.   Default is to only load those actions listed in Action Composer album (*.ALB) files.   If no album files exist, all action files are loaded anway.
-CONVERT platform dirname Convert files from specified directory assuming specified platform.
-CSV  or  -C
In addition to AIBO MWC file, generate a comma-separated-value list (suitable for importing into a spreadsheet) of action chunks.  Its a text format version of the MWC.
-FORCE  or  -F
Force all actions into the ODA's.  Normally, OdaBuild tries to leverage any builtin actions.  This option disables that optimization.
-OUTDIR dirname Location to place output files.  Default is current directory.
-REFDIR dirname
Location where ODAREF (containing required reference files) can be found.   Default first looks in current directory, and then the install directory.
Generate a R-CODE.R test program for permit checking all the actions placed in ODA's.
-VERBOSE   or  -V
Display all actions loaded

Example of simple ODA build:
   ODABUILD 210 -A  DogsLife\Actions\210

Example of platform autoconversion (translate ERS-210 skits to work on ERS-7):
   ODABUILD 7 -A  -CONVERT 210 DogsLife\Actions\210\


ODABuild in principle is fairly straight forward.   It reads skits from the specified action directories, and creates AIBO's ODA/MWC/CFG files.   However, it can do much more.

It can perform platform auto conversion, performing posture based translation of motion & LED files.   In some cases, motions are converted into LED patterns (specifically for the 220 & 310).

OdaBuild can parse the UAC format which gives you detailed control and editing abilities.   It's ideal for creating basic variations on a skit.   You'll find a few examples of its use in the DogsLife source code.

In addition, OdaBuild includes a reference library ODAREF that permits generating a suite of legacy system skits, to increase cross-platform Aibo compatibility.  This is how DogsLife is converted.  

Processing Steps:

  1) Read list of required actions from ODAREF (to see what's mandatory in final ODA's).

  2) Read list of AIBO platforms available builtin actions from ODAREF.

  3) Read reference library & any customized skits from ODAREF.

  4) Read any command-line user specified actions (first *.ACT, then *.AIB, then *.UAC). 
       Loaded actions can replace anything read earlier. 

  5) If all required actions arn't present, search ODAREF platform database for them.

  6) If all required actions are STILL not present, give up...

  7) Assign MWCID's & create chunk names.

  8) Create ODA's, MWC, ACTION.EXT & ACTION.CFG files.

This sequence allows you to replace any builtin actions with your own,  and/or reuse actions from one platform on another easily.

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