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RCode Syntax Reference:

RCode Interpretors:

ERS-110   ERS 11x - RCode 110
ERS-210   ERS 210 - RCode 1.00 - PMS100J Japanese Edition  - Original RCode
  ERS 210 - RCode 1.01 - PMS101E English Edition
  ERS 210 - RCode 1.2 - REDIST210E
ERS-220   ERS 220 - RCode 1.2 - REDIST220E
ERS-310   ERS 31x - RCode 1.2 - REDIST310E
ERS-7   ERS 7 - RCode 7 - REDIST7_V3

AiboPet's RCodePlus with YART Interpretors:


RCode requires a pink programmable memory stick to function.   Click here for info...

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Memory Stick Examples

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