DogsBody's Contest Entry
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DogsBody Contest Entry Movie
Movie (Quicktime Format, 2.9MB)
Source Code (for Master Studio)
Memory Stick Image
Sony PMS Base Image (2.5MB)

Trouble viewing the movie?  Download the latest QuickTime viewer from https://www.quicktime.com

Initializing a Programmable Memory Stick:

To install and try out DogsBody's performance do the following:
  • Obtain a red "PMS" memory stick (from your collection or from Sony).   Blue ones lack copy protection and won't work, so don't bother trying.  AiboLife & HelloAibo sticks won't work either (RCode requires the unique PMS copy protection).
  • If needed, download the zipfile "PMS_101E.zip" which contains the standard R-Code runtime software (approx. 2.5MB).   How to tell you need this?   Insert your memory stick into a Sony reader (other brands can corrupt the copy protection), display the memory stick top/root directory, and look for "OPEN-R".  If there, you're all set.   If missing or you're unsure, unzip the RCode runtime software to the memory stick.   AiboPet's R-Code changes are not required.
  • Unzip the performance over the standard RCode software, already on the memory stick.
  • Insert the memory stick into AIBO, and hit the power button!
  • Note:  This performance makes your AIBO work hard for a few minutes.   Do not run this performance if AIBO is already hot, or he might overheat and shutdown.   Turn off your AIBO and let him cool down 10 minutes or so beforehand.  Also, using a fully charged battery is recommended.
  • Enjoy!