DogsLife Console
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Configuring & Tweaking DogsLife:

The DogsLife Console (or DogCon) permits changing various settings, and is found in the memory stick "CUSTOM" folder.   The following can be configured:

DogsLife Console

AIBO Volume

You can configure the volume to be off, quiet, normal, loud, or maximum.    Normal volume is recommended.


DogsLife normally learns if its a boy or girl from praise (ie: Good Boy or Girl).  However, if you have multiple AIBO's and want to avoid confusion, this setting locks in the gender.   Gender affects the probability of DogsLife doing various things, and how territory is "marked."

See Ball Sound

DogCon offers various replacements for those people driven mad by the "to-la-de-do to-do" charge melody.  

Camera Settings

The default camera settings normally work well.  However, if your environment is unusually bright or dark, adjusting the camera settings manually might improve AIBO ability to see the ball & self dock.   

This is an advanced override, and isn't recommended unless you're familar with AIBO camera adjustment.   You can easily make things worse.  The manual camera settings overrides DogsLife's ability to auto-sense colors (particularly when self-docking).  

The available camera settings fields are:

  • Camera Balance (1=inside, 2=outside, 3=flourescent)
  • Camera Gain (1=low, 2=medium, 3=high)
  • Camera Shutter Speed (1=slow, 2=medium, 3=fast)

You must enable "Manual Camera Settings" before the above fields are available.

Disable Name Registration

Nothing is worse than losing a perfect name capture.   Sometimes AIBO incorrectly "hears" the name-registration command, and overwrites the capture.   Once you've taught DogsLife its name (and your name), disable name registration to prevent such problems.

Disable Roll Over

DogsLife can rollover on command, and sometimes does it himself (I guess it feels good).   If you run DogsLife on a hard floor surface, this behavior might not be desirable.

Elephant Mode

DogsLife learns & forgets things based on his experience, praise & scolding.  If you want to prevent DogsLife from ever forgetting anything, enable elephant mode.

Learning Status

The status pane shows how much DogsLife has learned & forgotten, and any endurance gains or loss.   Endurance indicates how active your AIBO is (1 to 100).  AIBO gets tired faster with low endurance.   High endurance means you've a soccer & exploration maniac on your hands.