DogsLife Self Docking
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Self Docking in DogsLife!!!

When hungry AIBO looks for the charger.  If visible, he approaches the charging station and self-docks.   Unfortunately, there is no way for DogsLife to wake up after charging is complete, so you'll have to help out for now.

Self docking works well, but is still somewhat "experimental".   There are simply too many lighting & floor combinations to test.   DogsLife adapts to various lighting conditions, and usually works better than Sony's Recognition.   However, self docking is very complex and one never knows what issues remain.

To test self docking (even if DogsLife isn't hungry), position him two or three feet from the charger and say "Action One".

Self Docking works with 210 and 220 models only, and requires the charger extensions from Sony's AIBO Recognition, or DIY extensions.  Sorry, but the ERS-310 isn't supported.

  • The AIBO charger/docking station.
  • A clear well lit area where AIBO can see the charger.   Ideal locations include middle of a room, or a corner (against a white or light colored background/wall).  A lamp over the charger will help if AIBO has trouble seeing the station, or staying locked onto it.
  • IMPORTANT!!!  There shouldn't be anything pink, green or blue near the charger to confuse AIBO. 
  • Make sure AIBO cannot trip over the charging station power cord.
  • Place charger at least 18 inches (or 45cm) from walls on all sides.   See below:
Self Docking Layout

Demonstration Movie:

DogsBody showing off self-docking (he has been very good about testing for me).   You'll need the latest Windows Media Viewer installed.

Self Docking Movie

The charger was illuminated with a single 100W incandescent light bulb (note the shadows), approximately five feet away.