Setup a DogsLife Memory Stick
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Install DogsLife  -  Options   -   HELP!!!

Install Dogslife:
Four easy steps, and you can be running DogsLife!
  • Get a memstick!  Obtain a pink programmable memory stick (8 or 16 MByte).   Purple, blue & white ones lack AIBO copy protection and won't work.  AiboLife, HelloAibo, and other Sony Aiboware sticks won't work either (RCode requires the unique copy protection of a programmable memstick).  Don't have one?  Click here for info on memsticks & readers.
  • Download DogsLife!   Download the DogsLife image zip-file matching your AIBO.   Save it to your PC someplace (such as the desktop -- not on the memory stick however).
ERS-210 ERS-220 ERS-310
  • Unzip DogsLife!  Unzip DogsLife onto the memory stick, using WinZip or similar program.
  • Try it out!!!   Insert the memory stick into AIBO, hit the power button, and Enjoy!

  • Optional Language FilesDownload alternate language files (German/French/etc...) from AiboPet's RCode-Plus webpage.   Unzip the language files over DogsLife, already on the memory stick.
  • Optionally Copy Name to DogsLifeDogsLife supports built-in name registration.  However, copying the name registered on another memstick is possible (from DogsLife, Aibo-Life, Hello-Aibo, etc).   Open memory stick in browser, go into CUSTOM directory.  Run the "NAME_ME" program, and follow instructions.  

Problems?   No response, no voice recognition, etc...    Sometimes memory sticks have left-over files, corrupted file systems, or corrupted copy protection.  AIBO's occasionally flub things and damage memory stick file systems.   Here are a few things to try:
  • Programmable Memory Sticks.   Sony Aiboware sticks such as Hello Aibo, Aibo Life, Recognition, etc... have different encrypted copy protection and don't work.  Click here for info.
  • Install DogsLife.  Simply copying the download ZIP onto a memory stick won't work.  You must use an unzip program, such as WinZip, to decompress DogsLife onto the memory stick.
  • Wait 30 Seconds after Startup.   It is normal for AIBO to take several seconds before anything happens, after the startup song stops.  DogsLife is big, and takes AIBO a moment to initialize.  If no movement occurs after a minute, then something is probably wrong.
  • Delete & Reinstall.  Remove all files & all folders from the memstick, reinstall DogsLife and try again.
  • Try Another Memstick.   If you have another programmable memory stick, try using that (to eliminate corrupt copy protection as the cause).
  • Run ScanDisk.  Scandisk can fix certain memory stick file-system problems.   If repairs were made, again delete everything from the memstick and reinstall DogsLife.
  • QUICK format.   If Scandisk cannot repair the memstick, it's time to Quick format.  Right click on the memory stick (in Windows Explorer), select "Format", then enable the "Quick Format" checkbox.  Alternatively, use "FORMAT /Q M:" from a command prompt (replace M: with drive letter of your memstick).  
  • If you own a Sony Clie, you should checkout StikZip from Aibopet which can repair damaged sticks.   You might want to consider buying a use Clie off ebay.
  • DO NOT Unconditionally Format, except as an absolute last resort.  If you've decided to throw away the memstick & buy another, then you have nothing to lose.  Unconditional formats can erase or damage the copy protection -- especially on non-Sony memstick readers.   To unconditionally format, right click on the memstick (in Windows Explorer), select "Format", and make sure "Quick Format" is off.
  • Nothing Helps...  :-(   If nothing helped, the encrypted copy protection on your programmable memory stick is likely corrupted.   If you own a Sony Clie, you should checkout StikZip from Aibopet which can repair damaged sticks.  Otherwise, you'll need a new one.  I've only heard of corruption happening with non-Sony memstick readers.   Consider buying a Sony reader -- they arn't expensive if they avoid damaging the discontinued & rare memory stick's!