Master Studio Tweaks
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Fix branch box annoyances (RCODE.CFG).
Updated ACTION.EXT listings with descriptive names

The DogsBody Master Studio Tweaks are a couple changes on top of those from AiboPet.

The first tweak is for the irritating branch box bugs.   There are two bugs fixed by this.  The first occurs if you change the keyword (IF/AND/OR/ELSE) to something else.  Generally all parameters vanish (doh!).   The second is the operator (=, <, >, >=, etc...) cannot be typed in.   A minor side effect of the tweak is you'll be able to type in parameters for the ELSE keyword.  Leave the fields empty and everything works fine.

The second tweak adds dozens of actions with descriptive names to AiboPet's action.ext file.   The descriptions are my personal interpretation of the built-in performances I've examined.   My opinion, Sony's opinion, and your opinion are all likely to differ occasionally.   If I couldn't figure out what a performance and/or gesture meant, I probably left it out.   The new action.ext file is backwards compatible with AiboPet's, so your existing behaviors won't break.

The descriptions also indicate the starting/stopping position of the performances.  These are:




In addition, I've created names describing a variety of other positions:

BABYPOS All four legs stretched out.

BELLYPOS Sleep position, but with rear legs pointed backwards out to side.

SITWIDE Sitting position, but with rear legs flared to side.

SITFLAT Sitting position, but with rear legs out to side & knees flat on floor.

SLEEPWIDE Sleep Position, but with rear legs flared to side.

SLEEPFLAT Sleep Position, but with rear legs out to side & knees flat on floor.

ANYPOS The performance works in any position (usually head movements, ear twitching, or tail wags).

To try out the Master Studio tweaks do the following:
  • Recommended:   Download and install Master Studio Plus from AiboPet's site at aibopet.com.   This has a number of useful tweaks. 
  • Unzip over your Sony Master Studio MS directory (used for initializing memory sticks).   This is normally found on your hard drive at: "C:\Program Files\Sony\AIBO Master Studio\MS"
  • Unzip over your PMS memory stick.   AIBO needs the 'action.ext' file to correctly handle behavior files which use the new action names.