MySkit Tutorial - Recording Music

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Recording Music!

Ok...  You've got the perfect music for PLEO, but MySkit won't open the file!   Gaa!

Unfortunately, there are dozens of sound formats, and MySkit only knows a few flavors.

What to do?!?!   It's simple!    Record it with MySkit's Wave Editor!

Use Windows Media Player (or whatever)  to play the original music, while MySkit records a PLEO compatible version.

Our goals in this tutorial are:

Let's get started!

1.0 Prepare MySkit for Recording


Start MySkit.    A new skit is automatically prepared for you.
New Skit


Click the "Sound's" toolbar button,  to select the Wave editor.


Click the "Setup" button in the MySkit Wave editor.


Select the "Mix" sound source.   The actual name varies between computers. 

For example:
   "Wave Out Mix", "Mono Mix", or "Stereo Mix"

You'll probably need to adjust the recording volume, a little goes a long way.

Windows Vista Users:   A bug in Vista might place all sound sources into the "Recording Device" drop-list, or the Mix source might be disabled (and unavailable).  Click here for some extra steps to try.
Sound Source

2.0 Prepare Media Player


Open the sound file you want to record in Windows Media Player
    (or whatever media program you prefer). 
Media Player


Pause the player before the interesting bit.
Media Player

3.0 Record the Song!


Click "Record" in the MySkit Wave editor.

Quickly click "Play" on the media player. Clic kPlay

Once the song is finished (or you've captured the interesting bit),
   click the MySkit Wave "Stop" button.
Stop Recording

4.0 Check the Results

(1)  Click the toolbar "Play" to test the recording.

If the recording is too loud or quiet, the recording volume needs tweaking.    Click the Wave "Setup"  button again.    Adjust the volume & record the song once more.   Select "Undo" from the Edit menu to erase the last recording.

If only silence was recorded, the wrong sound source was used.   Click "Setup" and try another.   If your computer has multiple sound cards, select a different device in the "Setup" window.

(4) If the music is loud enough, but seems scratchy, it's probably fine.  PLEO's 8-bit audio can sound a little rough on PC's.

(5) Save it!   You're done!

Want to try it for real on PLEO?   See the next tutorial!

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