MySkit Tutorial #4 - Perform Skits w/YAPT!

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Perform Skits on PLEO using YAPT!

The behavior generated in the previous tutorial was very simple.   PLEO just stands around until touched somewhere.

To create a more realistic personality for PLEO, this tutorial briefly covers using AiboPet's YAPT utility.    As before, any flash card personality is temporary (for fun only).    Remove the flash card and PLEO is his old self unchanged.

Our goals are:

Let's get started!

1.0 Prepare a Flash Card

Download AiboPet's YAPT program.

Insert a flash card (at least 16 MBytes) into your SD card reader.   Oops, don't have one?  Any of these should work fine.

NOTE:  If your card originally came with a camera, reformat it on your PC before continuing.   Camera formatted cards use a non-standard setup that can cause problems.
SD Card

Install YAPT onto the flash card.    Do not just copy the ZIP file, since that won't work.

ZIP files are compressed.   You must use something like WinZip to "unzip" YAPT onto the flash card.


Open the flash card in Windows Explorer.   If  you see "main.amx", "sensors.amx" and "YAPT.exe", you're good to go!

YAPT Memstick

2.0 Adding Skits to YAPT

Start MySkit & close any open skits.

Click on the toolbar "Write" button.


Now select the "action directory" on your PC, where you've collected everything for your PLEO personality.

The picture (see right) shows selecting the Examples folder included with MySkit.


PMap may appear giving you the option to use MySkit's simple behavior.

You can ignore this.   Click OK without dragging anything.

NOTE:   To stop PMap appearing entirely, you can disable it from:
   Edit Menu -> Preferences -> Helper Tools.

MySkit compiles your action directory, and writes it to the flash card.

The files are quite large, so this might take several seconds.

Once MySkit displays "Done!" the flash card is ready, or an error message if something went wrong.

If an error occurred, click on the "View Log" button to see what happened.

Otherwise, click "OK" to close the dialog.

3.0 Using New Skits in YAPT


Start AiboPet's YAPT utility on the flash card.   The YAPT utility allows creating simple PLEO personalities.

Double click on "YAPT.EXE" from Windows Explorer.


Click the "Add" button.   YAPT will lists your custom/new skits.


Select one of your skits, or choose a different category and pick from hundreds in its reference libraries.   Use the "Preview" button to review them.

Once you've made a choice, click the "Add Action" button.


You're done!   Click the large "Save program to SD card" button. 

Once saving is complete, insert the flash card into PLEO.   Turn on PLEO and enjoy!

To restore PLEO's original personality, turn him off and remove the flash card.   He'll be his original self unchanged when powered back on.

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