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ERS-7 Skit Guidelines

The ERS-7 is now supported fully by Skitter.  A good thing. 

However, there are two important points to keep in mind:

  1. Start & stop posture should be the same.
  2. Skits which "situp" with the front legs off the ground, must start in the "situp" posture.

The 210/220/310 do not have these restrictions.   The ERS-7 does.
ERS-7 Info

Detail on #1
RCode automatically moves AIBO in the correct posture for a skit.    For example, if standing AIBO automatically sits down for a sit posture skit.

However, the ERS-7 appears to pick auto-transitions skits randomly.    If you create a skit which starts standing and finishes sitting, AIBO might think "aha, this'll work" and perform your skit inappropriately.

Skitter & OdaBuild include a number of custom auto-translation skits when initializing memory sticks that helps, but the problem persists.  
ERS-7 Postures

Detail on #2

If you make an ERS-7 "situp" manually -- for example starting from the sit or sleep posture -- you'll trigger the self-righting routines.

There is the "NoFallDown" variable -- but it doesn't work properly.   AIBO remembers falling over, and tucks that detail away for later.

Your "situp" skit performs fine.   The next skit which changes posture however trips across the "fall-over" memory.   Sometimes AIBO tries to stand-up.   Sometimes gracefully.   Sometimes in a panic.

The work-around is starting & stopping using the "situp" posture.   

Do not start in the sit posture & then situp.   Do not use the NoFallDown variable.
ERS-7 Situp

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