Skitter Tutorial - Customize DogsLife!

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Customize DogsLife by Adding Skits!

The first two tutorials introduced making skits with motion, light & sound.   The next two show simple ways of using those skits on AIBO.

This tutorial demonstrates adding them to DogsLife.   One extra step is required -- downloading the DogsLife source code to your PC.   Otherwise, its similar to the YART tutorial.    If you haven't used YART yet, please review tutorial 3 first.

Note this tutorial only applies to the 210, 220, and 310.

Our goals are:

Let's get started!

1.0 Installing DogsLife Source Code

(1) Download the DogsLife Source Code ZIP file to your PC.


Using a program such as WinZip, "unzip" the source code ZIP file onto your PC.    Choose a convenient location, such as your Windows desktop, or "C:\DogsLife", etc...
DogsLife Directory

2.0 DogsLife Action Directories

(1) DogsLife has one action directory for each AIBO platform.   Go into the folder matching your AIBO model.

Most actions are found in the 210 folder.   Other than a few exceptions, the 220 & 310 version skits are mostly derived automatically by Skitter & OdaBuild.   DogsLife currently uses action files (*.act) for all skits, and UAC files for tweaking them.

(2) 2.1 Copying Workbooks into DogsLife
Copying AIBO Workbooks is easy.   Just drag-n-drop copy the files using Windows Explorer (hold CTRL key down while dragging).
Copy into DogsLife

SaveAs into DogsLife
2.2 Copying Action Files into DogsLife
Copying action files is harder.  You must copy the action file, motion, led & sound files.   The easiest way is using Skitter.

Open the target performance in Skitter, and use the File Menu, "Save-As" command.   Select the DogsLife Action directory, and Skitter saves copies of all files associated with the performance.

3.0 Adding Skits to DogsLife Memstick


Insert a programmable memory stick containing DogsLife into your memstick reader.

Start Skitter & close any open skits.

Click on the toolbar "Write" button.   Skitter prompts for the AIBO platform being used.   This must match your AIBO model, or AIBO won't boot up properly.

Select your AIBO type (or click Cancel to quit).

Now select the DogsLife action directory you updated earlier.

The example (see right) shows selecting the DogsLife 210 action directory.

Skitter compiles the action directory, and writes it to the programmable memory stick.

DogsLife action directories are large and take a while to compile.  It could take several seconds to finish.

Once Skitter displays "Done!" the memstick is ready, or an error message if something went wrong.

If an error occurred, click on the "View Log" button to see what happened.

Otherwise, click "OK" to close the dialog.

4.0 Using New Skits in YART


Start AiboPet's YART utility on the DogsLife memory stick.   It can be found in the memstick "CUSTOM" folder.  Double click on "YART.EXE" from Windows Explorer.

The "When this happens" events are different, but otherwise using YART on DogsLife is identical to before.

From the "When this happens" box, expand "AIBO voice command", then click "Hello".

Click on the "Available Actions" box & select "User Actions".  YART puts all the DogsLife & your custom/new skits in this category.


All the DogsLife "AIBO does this" slots are initially empty.   The slots teach DogsLife new tricks, and don't replace old ones.

Click-n-drag one of the listed actions (ie: "firstwave"), into the "AIBO does this" box.

You're done!   Click the large "Save RCode program to memory stick" button. 

Once saving is complete, insert the memory stick into AIBO.   Turn on AIBO, and after booting, try saying "Hello".   AIBO -may- respond with the custom performance you added.

Dogslife combines things it already knows with elements from YART.    You'll probably need a few tries before your tweaks appear if AIBO is feeling stubborn.

If you've done all the tutorials, you can now create skits, use them in YART, AiboMind, and in DogsLife!


Got a question?    Ask Dogsbody!

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