Skitter Revision History
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What's New?

  • Version 3.40 - Issues with converting wave files fixed.   Fixed number of clipboard related issues in MIDI editor.   You can now add current workbook to the library easily.   Can add current clipboard contents also (makes a great scratchpad!)   Usual batch of minor fixes.
  • Version 3.30 - Can now specify/force target AIBO platform in library.  Added GIF & AVI movie saving!    Fixed compatibility with YART_APG generated LED files.  Fixed library drag-n-drop on Vista (drag icons visually messed up).   Several other minor fixes.
  • Version 3.20 - Fixed problem with dual-core-cpu machines not opening Aibo workbooks properly.  Comment markers now follow motion edits.   Library skits now convert better to ERS-310 & ERS-7 (ie: sleep-to-sit, sit-to-stand, sleep-to-stand).   Fixed problem with motion scaling adding extra keyframes.   New Windows Vista compatible desktop icons.  Various other minor fixes.   Thanks to Teamdax for some great suggestions!
  • Version 3.10 - Fixed compatibility with Windows 98 & 2000.   XP Themes support was getting in the way.
  • Version 3.00  -  Lots of new stuff!   ERS-7 WLAN & memstick support (see ERS-7 Skit Guidelines)!   Library of reference skits with preview (thanks to Aibopet).   Editing inside the big Aibo Window.    Aibo workbooks combining motion/led/sound into one file -- easier to copy & rename & share.   Sound recording within the Wave editor.  Skitter Aibo Mind Manager (SAMM) now supports all versions of Aibo Mind.   Improved posture based platform conversion.   Mouth Movement Wizard.   Add comment markers within skits to keep track of important areas.   Multi-editor copy/paste.   Linked editor zoom & selection (optional).   New tutorials on customizing DogsLife, recording music, and making situp posture dances!   Plus much more!
  • Version 2.60  -  Skitter Aibo Mind Manager (SAMM).   Install a SAMM compatible dance kit, and you can directly update AiboMind with custom dance files (no fussing with ACM).   SAMM uses a simple drag-n-drop interface for moving dance skits around.  See "Upload Actions to AIBO" & "Tutorial 4" for details.   Skitter also has improved support for complex MIDI files (more accurate conversion, or can load them unchanged as read-only).
  • Version 2.50  -  Skitter has gone to the dogs!    Support added for the ERS-110 & ERS-7.
  • Version 2.10  -  Fixed copy/paste compatibility issues with AiboPet's Performance Editor.   Added motion editor "Paste Special" command (supporting insert, overlap, fill, & servo subsets).  Various minor bug fixes.

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