Skitter Tutorial - Tweaking DogsLife Skits!

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Tweaking DogsLife Skits!

DogsLife skits are mostly written for the 210 and auto-translated for other models.   This usually works well, but sometimes tweaks are needed for individual AIBO's.   For example, some 310 owners find the Minuet piano skit tips over.

This tutorial is about changing existing skits within DogsLife.   If you want to add -new- skits, see tutorial 5 instead.

Note this tutorial uses some of the more advanced features of Skitter.  ie: platform conversion, automatic fixing of fast servos, and the paste special command.   It assumes the latest version of Skitter and you're familiar with basic motion editing (see tutorial 1).  

The techniques apply to all AIBO models, though the 310 is described.

Our goals are:

Let's get started!

1.0 Installing DogsLife Source Code


Download the DogsLife Source Code ZIP file to your PC.
DogsLife Source


Using a program such as WinZip, "unzip" the source code onto your PC.    Choose a convenient location, such as your Windows desktop, or "C:\DogsLife", etc...

DogsLife Directory



2.0 DogsLife Action Directories

(1) Go into the DogsLife "ACTIONS" folder.   You'll see DogsLife has a subfolder for each AIBO platform.

Other than a few exceptions, most actions are found in the 210 folder.    The 220 & 310 versions are derived automatically.

(2) Go into the 210 folder.   You see hundreds of skits.

Find "Minuet1b.act" then double-click to open it in Skitter.



3.0 Converting to ERS-310

(1) You should now have the 210 version of Minuet1b open in Skitter.   First, let's convert it to the 310 platform.

From the Edit menu, select "Convert Platform", then "ERS-310" (see example).

Skitter converts the motion & LED's as appropriate.


Next, from the Motion menu, select "Fix Fast Servos".

Platform conversion sometimes leaves servos moving too quickly.   The 310 in particular has slower leg speeds, and therefore needs "fixing" more often.


Save the converted skit to the DogsLife actions 310 folder.   Don't change the "Minuet1b" filename however.

From the File menu, select "Save As".   Navigate to the DogsLife 310 actions folder.   

Click Save to create the 310 specific version of Minuet1b.



4.0 Editing the Skit

(1) Now to tweak the skit.   To improve the balance, we need to straighten the legs slightly.  We'll manually fix one keyframe, then copy the change elsewhere.  

To business...   First select keyframe 173.


Change the back leg angles (using the motion editor or Aibo Window) as follows:
   Back Left Leg Vertical:  -40
   Back Left Leg Lateral:    25
   Back Left Leg Knee:       50
   Back Right Leg Vertical: -40
   Back Right Leg Lateral:   25
   Back Right Leg Knee:      50


Click the "Copy" toolbar button to copy keyframe 173 to the clipboard.


Using the mouse, highlight keyframes 173 to 3435.


From the Edit Menu, select "Paste Special".

Select Overlap mode, and deselect all but the Back Leg servos.

Click "OK" to update the back servos on all selected keyframes.


Finally, click toolbar "Save" button to save the changes.



5.0 Updating the DogsLife Memstick

(1) Insert a programmable memory stick containing DogsLife into your memstick reader.

Close any open skits.

Click on the toolbar "Write" button.   Skitter prompts for the AIBO platform being used.   This must match your AIBO model, or AIBO won't boot up properly.

Click the ERS-310 button.

Now select the DogsLife action directory you updated earlier.

The example shows selecting the 310 folder.

Skitter compiles the action directory, and writes it to the programmable memory stick.

DogsLife action directories are large and take a while to compile.  It could take several seconds to finish.

Once Skitter displays "Done!" the memstick is ready, or an error message if something went wrong.

If an error occurred, click on the "View Log" button to see what happened.

Otherwise, click "OK" to close the dialog.   Insert memstick into AIBO and give it try!

The tweaked 310 skit is available here:  Minuet1b.aib

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