MySkit - Chapter 7 - PLEO Preview Window

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Table of Contents:
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Install MySkit
    3.0 Performance Files
    4.0 Motion Editing
    5.0 Wave Sound Editing
    6.0 The Reference Library
    7.0 The PLEO Window
         7.1 Preview Controls
         7.2 Adjusting 3D View
         7.3 Motion Editing within 3D View
    8.0 Upload Actions to PLEO
    9.0 Specify Preferences


7.0 PLEO Preview Window

The PLEO window is intended for reviewing performance skits on your PC before uploading them to PLEO, or writing them to a flash card.

It can also be used for editing PLEO's posture directly if you like.

The PLEO Window is similar to the small motion editor preview.  However it is larger, and has controls for navigating the performance  -- similar to the Windows Media player.   Motion & sound are synchronized together.

The "PLEO Window" can be enlarged full-screen size, although a 3D accelerated video card might be required for good performance.

Toggle the PLEO Window on/off from "View Menu -> PLEO Window".

PLEO Preview Window

7.1  Preview Controls

The following PLEO preview controls are available:

  • Move to Start.  Set current position to start of performance.
  • Previous Keyframe.   Previous keyframe tab in motion editor.
  • Previous Frame.   Previous motion frame.
  • Start/Stop Playback.    Start/stop simulated playback of PLEO performance.
  • Next Frame.   Next motion frame.
  • Next Keyframe.   Next keyframe tab in motion editor.
  • Move to End.   Set current position to end of  performance.

7.2 Adjusting 3D View

The PLEO preview can be rotated, moved & zoomed.   Click-n-drag with the mouse, or use the keyboard arrow keys.

  • Rotate.  Trackball style control.   You can see PLEO preview from all angles.
  • Pan.  Repositions PLEO preview within window.   Does not change angle of view.
  • Zoom.  Zoom preview in/out.
  • Home.  Reset preview to default zoom & view angle.
3D Controls

7.3 Motion Editing within 3D View

Editing within the PLEO window is easy.  

First select edit mode by clicking the pencil icon.  Pencil

Second, select a frame within the motion editor.    Note you cannot edit the first or last frames of a motion using the PLEO window.

Lastly, move the mouse over PLEO's head, eyes, mouth, legs, tail, etc.., (target will become highlighted as shown), then click-and-drag!

Note:  The preview can be still rotated, moved & zoomed in edit mode.   Just click somewhere off to the side, or on PLEO's body.
PLEO Editing

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