MySkit - Chapter 6 - Reference Library

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Table of Contents:
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Install MySkit
    3.0 Performance Files
    4.0 Motion Editing
    5.0 Wave Sound Editing
    6.0 The Reference Library
         6.1 Drag into MySkit Desktop
         6.2 Drag into Open Document
         6.3 Copy/Paste from Library
         6.4 Library Management
         6.5 Undo Library Changes
    7.0 The PLEO Window
    8.0 Upload Actions to PLEO
    9.0 Specify Preferences


6.0 The Reference Library

MySkit includes a library of skits you can reuse easily.   Sometimes its much easier to create a skit by reusing bits from others.   

Use the preview window on top to browse library entries.  You can add new folders, rename folders or skits, & add your own skits to the reference library.

Please note library changes are only saved when you exit MySkit, and can be undone anytime beforehand.

Current Position Marker

6.1  Drag into MySkit Desktop

The library supports drag-n-drop to the MySkit desktop.

This will open a new document, containing a copy of the library entry.    If the library entry is a full skit (motion & sound), then both elements are opened.

Library Drag to MySkit Desktop

6.2  Drag into Open Document

The library supports drag-n-drop insertion into existing open PLEO documents.

If the library entry contains motion & sound, then elements are multi-pasted into both open editors of the document.

Library Drag to Open Document

6.3  Copy/Paste From Library

This method also inserts into existing open documents.

However, it supports copying just parts of a library skit.  If a small snippet is all you want,  copy it & nothing else.

Press a SHIFT key and select the range of interest on the preview slider.   From the right-click menu, choose "Copy" (or hit CTRL-C).
Copy/Paste from Library

6.4  Library Management

The library works much like Windows Explorer.   You can copy files to/from and within the library.    You can also add/remove folders using the right click menu.

New Library Folder 6.4.1  Create New Library Folder

Right click on the library.  Select "New Folder".

A new empty folder appears.   Click on the folder, or select "Rename" from the right click menu to assign a meaningful name.

6.4.2  Adding Files to the Library

MySkit supports drag-n-drop copying of files into the library.   You can drag from Window desktop or any folder.  

You can also create local copies of library entries.  Select an entry, press CTRL, and drag the copy to its new location.

The Add menu (shown above) also allows adding the current workbook your editing directly to the library.

Add file to library

6.5  Undo Library Changes

You can undo all library changes you've made since starting the MySkit.    The library reverts to its state when you started MySkit.

Library changes are only saved when you exit MySkit.

Library Undo All

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