MySkit - Chapter 8 - Upload Actions

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Table of Contents:
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Install MySkit
    3.0 Workbook Files
    4.0 Motion Editing
    5.0 Wave Sound Editing
    6.0 The Reference Library
    7.0 The PLEO Window
    8.0 Upload Actions to PLEO
         8.1 Setup Flash Card
         8.2 Select Action Directory
         8.3 Assign Skits to Events
         8.4 Writing the Flash Card
    9.0 Specify Preferences


8.0 Upload Actions to PLEO

MySkit currently requires an SD Flash Card -- at least 16MB recommended -- and flash card reader for writing actions.   The PLEO resource files (*.urf) will be generated and written to the card.


8.1  Setup Flash Card

To configure MySkit, from the File Menu select "Setup Flash Drive".   Type in the drive path to your flash card reader.
Setup Flash Card

8.2 Select Action Directory

You currently must write action files using a flash card reader.  Save any open performance files.  Insert a flash card into your reader, and click the toolbar "Write" button. 

A window appears for selecting an action directory (see right).   The action directory is simply a folder where you've saved all the PLEO skits (*.pleo files) you want included.

Click OK once you make a selection.
Select Directory

8.3 Assign Skits to Events

If you have only a single skit, this step is skipped.   Your skit is performed after turning on Pleo, or when any sensor is touched.

If you have multiple skits, PMap is started for you.

PMap supports simple skit customization.  Click-n-drag actions into the various event slots.  You can assign skits to multiple events if you like (as shown), or leave some empty.

If you make a mistake, no worries.   Click on the event slot and drag to the correct place, or hit the DEL key to remove it.  You can't break anything here.

Once happy with your PMap assignments, click the "OK" button.

8.4 Writing the Flash Card

MySkit compiles your action directory, and updates your flash card.  The files being written are quite large, so this might take a few seconds.
Once MySkit displays "Done!" the flash card is ready.   If an error occurred, click on the "View Log" button to see what happened.

If everything worked, turn off PLEO and install the flash card.  Turn him back on and enjoy!

To restore PLEO's original personality, turn him off and remove the flash card.   He'll be his original self unchanged when powered back on.

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