Skitter - Chapter 10 - Test Actions

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Table of Contents:
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Install Skitter
    3.0 Performance Files
    4.0 Motion Editing
    5.0 LED Editing
    6.0 MIDI Sound Editing
    7.0 Wave Sound Editing
    8.0 The Reference Library
    9.0 The AIBO Window
    10.0 Test Actions on AIBO
         10.1 Setup Memory Stick & Wireless LAN
         10.2 Test with WLAN
         10.3 Manual Testing
    11.0 Upload Actions to AIBO
    12.0 Specify Preferences


10.0 Test Actions on AIBO

Skitter supports using the wireless LAN (if installed) for quick testing of actions on AIBO 210/220 & 7's.   If you don't have a WLAN, or use an ERS-310, you cannot easily test actions.  Instead, see section "Manual Testing" below for testing with a memory stick.  

ERS-7 owners please note RCode-7 does not support testing of LED's & sound -- only motion WLAN testing will work.   If anyone devises a fix for this limitation, please contact me.

Anyone planning a good number of AIBO performances should really consider getting a wireless LAN setup.  Once working, it saves an immense amount of time.

10.1  Setup Memory Stick & Wireless LAN

To configure Skitter, from the File Menu select "Setup Memstick & WLAN".   Type in the drive path to your memstick reader.

You should setup your AIBO WLAN before attempting a connection with Skitter.   Find AIBO's four digit IP address, and type it in.    Turn on AIBO, and after "stretching", use the "Test WLAN" button (see image right) to verify Skitter sees AIBO.
Setup WLAN

10.2 Test with WLAN

Turn on AIBO, and after "stretching", click the toolbar "Test" button.   Skitter connects to AIBO, waits for it to initialize, uploads the action, and is then ready to test (see image right).

Click the dialog "Play" button to perform the skit.   You can click "Close" at any time to abort (if the performance doesn't work properly for example).   You can play actions as many times as you like before closing the connection.
Test Action

10.3 Manual Testing

10.3.1  Writing Actions to Memstick

People without a wireless LAN, or anyone using an ERS-310, must test actions the hard way.  

Save any open performance files.  Insert a programmable memory stick into your reader, and click the toolbar "Write" button.  If you don't have any performance files open, Skitter prompts for the AIBO model type.

A window appears for selecting an action directory (see right).  Click OK once you make a selection.  

If the AIBO type doesn't match your AIBO, click cancel.  Close all open performances, click the toolbar "Write" button again, and then select the correct type.
Select Directory
Skitter compiles the action directory, and writes the results to your memory stick.
Writing Actions
10.3.2  Create Test Program

You have two choices.  Use YART, or create a custom test program.   YART is by far easier.   Start YART, select "User Actions" category, and click-n-drag into an AIBO event.  See third tutorial for more details.

Alternatively, create a test program in a text editor, to play the action.   Assuming skit "beethoven5", this would simply be:
    PLAY ACTION beethoven5

Save to the memory stick using the filename below (replace M: with your memstick drive):

If the memory stick R-Code program already uses the action, you can skip this step.
Test Program

10.3.3  Test Action

Insert memory stick into AIBO, turn it on, and see how things work! 

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